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I know, there are hundreds, NO thousands of offers doing the rounds offering you the moon if you’ll just stay at home, staring at your computer and clicking your mouse. Why not join us – It’s FREE to join and you’ll make loads of money! That’s what they all say in one way or another.

They say there’s one born every minute, and unfortunately when it comes to falling for the fantasy of getting paid for doing nothing, it’s true. The same people go from one deal to another, and another, and another. Most, if not all those ‘get rich quick’ deals collapse after a very short length of time, leaving those who joined, disillusioned.

When I was made redundant at almost 58 years of age, I needed to find a way of bringing in money to support my wife and I, but to gain employment proved difficult.  I tried my hand at various self employed options, selling timeshare, utilities, and even went on markets with a doughnut stall! Oh, and even tried my hand at burying people (working for a funeral director).

I was at my wit’s end, when I was attracted to a Network Marketing seminar for a company called Lifestyles who were selling slimming cookies. It started off ok, but eventually closed down. That I thought, was my first and last association with NWM.

Fortunately, I came across an old acquaintance who invited me to look at some information on a company he was working with that dealt with machines that produced ‘Special Water’.  My first thoughts were, ”What can be special about water, it comes out of the tap, we wash with it, make tea & coffee with it etc”.

However, because I knew this guy to be sensible, I spent some time evaluating all the information he had sent me.  I started to get excited when I discovered all the uses for the waters produced by their machines, and even more when I learned that the company had been around for 40+ years! Then of course  there was  the patented Compensation Plan, that was the decider.

Needless to say I joined the company, formed a great & close friendship with Peter my old acquaintance, and can honestly say ”I have never looked back”

All I can say now is that if you are seeking a way to secure the future for you & your family  Please accept my invitation to evaluate the Enagic business opportunity by visiting

I would welcome any questions you may have. My contact details are below, and in the event I am not available, my good friend and Team Leader, Peter Chapman can be contacted on  +44 7823 772234

Kangen Water® UK is part of a strong team, expanding into many countries. Which means that although focussed on building a huge UK network, we are able to support new members from most areas of the world. How does this work? Well, it depends upon the quality of the leadership in your team. It depends on the training that your sponsor can offer you. On the support you will get to begin your business.



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David Hulse
Kangen Water UK
Enagic Independent Distributor
North Lincolnshire,  UK
Tel: 07773 236953
Intl:   0044 7773 236953



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